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Part 2 Difficulty Level

  • 1.  Part 2 Difficulty Level

    Posted 25 days ago

    I have been hearing a lot about CMA Part 2 that it's way easier than CMA Part 1, If you have done CMA Part-1 then Part-2 is a piece of cake. But I have been studying for Part-2 and I believe the difficulty level is the same as it was for CMA Part-1, the only difference, if there is any, is that the topics are not as many as they are in CMA Part-1. But for sure, the difficulty level is the same. My Exam is on 10.11.20. Not so confident but still going for it.

    M. Usman

  • 2.  RE: Part 2 Difficulty Level

    Posted 24 days ago
    Hello Usman,

    Also heard those claims that Part 2 is easier than Part 1 because of the volume of topics. Some also told me that because Part 2 is more on application. I'm not sure also. I just finished my Part 1 this October and need to wait longer time for the release of result. I'll be taking my Part 2 hopefully this coming February 2021. Goodluck with your exam.


    Lex Xel Beltran

  • 3.  RE: Part 2 Difficulty Level

    Posted 24 days ago
    Hi Muhammad,

    Generally, it seems that most people taking the CMA studied finance in college, not accounting (just my experience). If that is true, then part 2 would seem easier since it is more focused on topics you would study during a finance degree. Part 1 covers management accounting much more broadly and at a level of depth which most finance degrees do not go into.

    Either way, yes there are less topics covered on part 2 which should make it easier to study since there is less to focus on.


    Joseph Wagner
    Cummins Inc
    Bloomington IN
    United States