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  • 1.  Part 2 exam

    Posted 01-28-2022 03:16 AM
    Hello everyone 
    Can we write part 2 exam first and then part 1 ?? And can we write exam if our membership expires already?
    Please somebody's urgent 

  • 2.  RE: Part 2 exam

    Posted 01-29-2022 02:08 AM
    Hi Habeeba

    Yes, you can write a Part 2exam  first . However, it is my personal experience that you attempt your Part 1 first.  It is intense and voluminous as compared to Part 2. But atleast  40% of the Part 1 is the base for Part 2 study which will make studying Part 2 much easier.
    You need to be a member of the IMA not only to book your exams but also to maintain your Professional  Certificate of Certified Management Accountant.  This is what I understand.  Someone may correct me if I wrong.

    Gloria Menezes


  • 3.  RE: Part 2 exam

    Posted 01-29-2022 02:55 AM
    You can write any part first, doesn't matter.
    You have to renew your membership before registering for the exam. You need to have an active membership to answer your exams

    Edna Gonsalves
    North Goa GA