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    Posted 18 days ago

    I register for Sep-2021 exam for CMA part 1, currently I'm studying from Wiley but I facing some difficulty in getting some lessons, so do you recommend any other source can be more useful ?

    Appreciate your reply 


    Shymaa N. Ashour

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    Posted 18 days ago
    You can try has got good explaination than wiley

    Shruti Malik
    Jabalpur MP

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    Posted 18 days ago
    In my opinion, there is no match for HOCK. Materials for Wiley are also good, but the delivery method of Professor Brian Hock is matchless, in my expereince.

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    [Baker Tilly International]
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    Posted 17 days ago

    Hi Shaimaa,

    Gliem and Wiley are really on top when it comes to CMA preparation. They have plenty of practice exams and they update their materials more frequently than other vendors. I believe Wiley expects you have some accounting knowledge and helps building on that, whereas Gleim is tailored more for people who need more explanation. Either way, you can find various resources online to understand any difficult concepts, and continue taking practice exams in Wiley. Gleim and wiley do a great job simulating the real exam. Remember a good study material would provide you with tons of practice questions and explain why the right answers are right and why the wrong answers are wrong.

    I created a video on how to prepare for CMA after passing both exams. I hope this would help you.Preparing for CMA

    Good luck!

    Jobin Thomas CMA
    Warwick PA
    United States

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    Posted 16 days ago
    Hello Jobin,

    Thanks for sharing the valuable video ....!

    I just need to ask you, how to get previous exams questions for Part 2 as I am preparing for Part 2.


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    Posted 16 days ago
    Hi Sudhir,

    You don't need previous exam questions, just do practice ques that come with your study material and that will be sufficient. Make sure to do a lot of questions before sitting for the exam.

    Good luck!