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CPE requirements

  • 1.  CPE requirements

    Posted 07-22-2021 01:48 PM
    Hi there,

    Quick question on CPE requirements with CMA:

    If you have earned both the CPA and CMA designations, does this mean that if you've completed the required CPE credits for your CPA, you then simultaneously could use the same CPE credits to fulfill CMA's CPE requirements?


    Anna Ayson
    Renton WA
    United States

  • 2.  RE: CPE requirements

    Posted 07-23-2021 02:47 AM
    I have the same doubt..

  • 3.  RE: CPE requirements

    Posted 07-23-2021 10:46 AM
    Yes, the CPE credits apply to both the CPA and CMA requirements.

    Jill Schafer, CPA
    San Antonio, TX

  • 4.  RE: CPE requirements

    Posted 07-23-2021 12:57 PM
    Hi Anna,

    That is correct, in most cases you would be able to transfer the CPE credits you earned to fulfill your CMA CPE requirements. Be sure to login to your myIMA profile and transfer your credits in order for them to be counted towards your CPE requirement. Thank you!

    Vikash Puran
    Marketing Specialist
    IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants)
    10 Paragon Drive, Suite 1
    Montvale, NJ 07645
    +1 (201) 474-1588