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Difficulty level

  • 1.  Difficulty level

    Posted 8 days ago
        What's the difficulty level in the CMA exam. I've solved the essay questions from the CMA SUPPORT PACKAGE and they're really difficult so do they ask questions like these? Or is it easy?


    Ruqaiya Khajuriwala

  • 2.  RE: Difficulty level

    Posted 3 days ago
    Questions in the support package are actual exam questions that are no longer used.  However, the actual exam contains similar questions.

    The pass rate is about 50% for each exam.  There is a very broad range of topics covered on the exam, which partially explains the pass rate.  However, if you have an accounting and/or finance degree, the exam is very doable if you put in the effort to study.

    Michael Ramsey
    Omaha NE
    United States