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    Posted 25 days ago
    I suppose this is more of a post to vent rather than to gain feedback from peers, however, I feel like I can't be the only one as frustrated with this process as I am.  I took part 1 back in June and didn't get my Prometrics report until yesterday after having to ask for it several times.  I only missed passing by a few points so I was really anxious to see the performance report only to be let down by how vague it is.  I wasn't expecting specifics, but to only list the sections as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory is of no help whatsoever.   The sections it told me I was unsatisfactory were the ones I did the best on during my studies!  I would really like to know what areas within these sections I need most work on so I can pass the second time.  Ugh.  Thanks for letting me vent this.


    Paula Catalano
    Franklin Park IL
    United States