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Essay Formatting & Exam Day Question

  • 1.  Essay Formatting & Exam Day Question

    Posted 23 days ago

    Is there any preference in the essay section with regards to formatting.... i.e. if I write in bullet points vs. paragraph form, as long as my info is correct, does it matter to my score?  

    Similarly, things like typos, abbreviations, presenting numbers ($85K vs. writing out $85,000).... how much does formatting / grammar matter? If it matters at all? 

    Finally, my research says that on exam day I'll get one sheet of paper for scratch paper (taking the exam in Florida); however, I know the CPA got rid of scratch paper a while ago... I'll feel a lot better if a recent text taker can confirm, will I get paper? How much?

    Thank you!  

  • 2.  RE: Essay Formatting & Exam Day Question

    Posted 23 days ago
    I would write out the full number.   I just took Part 2.  My Prometric testing center provided 2 pages of scratch paper.  If more was needed, the testing center takes the old scratch paper up and provides you with 2 new pages of paper.  I was not happy with this as I wrote down formulas I memorized on the 1st set of scratch paper provided.  I would be curious if other testing centers had the same protocol.

    Daniel Dural
    United States

  • 3.  RE: Essay Formatting & Exam Day Question

    Posted 22 days ago
    Hi Kathleen,

    According to Wiley exam review course (IMA's partner) presentation has a partial score of essay question. You can imagine how is that difficult to exam grader when reading unorganized data ??!!!.

    I would recommend you to review IMA's support package which has more than 50 answered essays, simply follow their structure.

    Scratch paper supply depends on prometric center. I have received (3) scratch papers "replaceable" upon request, while Daniel had only (2). No need to worry about it.

    Note: I have posted (2) articles about live CMA exam, I hope it will be helpful if you read both:
    Very important "live" exam tips
    Additional useful tips from "Live" exam window

    Best wishes of luck & success

    Kind regards

    Attached samples from IMA support package

    Samer Ahmad, FMVA, SCA