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    Posted 6 days ago
    Good day, your opinions about HOCK CMA study book?
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    Posted yesterday
    Hi there, I have the Hock materials.  I have taken Exam part 2 and believe the Hock materials represent the test questions well.  Hock learning materials are text based, not interactive on-line like I have seen others.  There are on-line interactive questions which are organized very well and track when you get them wrong they will reappear.  You are able to select how many MCQ you want to study from each section which is helpful.  If you want on-line and interactive learning rather than a text (I printed the text), then Hock is not for you.  If you like reading a text, being able to take notes on that text or associated flash cards, then Hock is perfect.  This is how I best learn and therefore have been happy with the materials.  The text does not have indicator of which CSO or LOS, but the content aligns.  The videos are also great; you get some for free but not all.  Also, there is not learning on your phone/in an app, but there are MCQs in an app.  Hope that helps.

    Kristin McIntire
    Hamilton MI
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    Posted 17 hours ago
    Hello Kristin, thank you for your mail.

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