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MCQs tips please

  • 1.  MCQs tips please

    Posted 14 days ago
    Hi all,

    I will have the Part 1 exam this month and I want to ask that for MCQs section, should I answer all MCQs related to theories first, then come back to MCQs of calculation? I think MCQs related to calculation needs more time to think and calculate. Please share your tips!


  • 2.  RE: MCQs tips please

    Posted 12 days ago


    This was my plan when taking the exam but once I started I just did every question in order. There were only 3 I came back to. I feel like if I would have left them to the end I would have kind of panicked that I would run out of time and then I wouldn't be as focused trying to answer them. The 3 hrs goes very quick and I didn't want to mess with taking the time to go back to each question. I also found the calculation questions on the exam to be much easier than those on practice tests. 

    good luck!! 

    Amanda Rahn
    Holland MI
    United States