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Help understanding question CMA PART 2

  • 1.  Help understanding question CMA PART 2

    Posted 12 days ago

    Question: 38If the annual U.S. inflation rate is expected to be 5% while the euro is expected to depreciate against the U.S. dollar by 10%, an Italian firm importing from its U.S. parent can expect its euro costs for these imports to
    Answer (A) is correct.
    Inflation in the U.S. means that $1.05 now has the purchasing power formerly enjoyed by $1.00. The 10% depreciation of the euro means that its purchasing power in dollars has declined to 90%. Dividing the U.S. inflation factor of 1.05 by the new euro value of .90 and subtracting 1 results in a net loss of euro purchasing power against the dollar of 16.67%.

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