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How important is lease accounting in part 2

  • 1.  How important is lease accounting in part 2

    Posted 24 days ago
    I'm taking the part 2 exam next week and I am studying using Surgent Exam prep.
    A lot of the questions in the exam prep relate to lease accounting, yet when I studied the material Lease accounting didnt seem like a big deal for part 2.
    I noticided when I took the exam for part 1 that the Surgent Exam questions are not always very well related to the learning objectives as set by IMA.

    However I dont want to disregarding lease accounting if it is indeed an important part of the second exam as well. Does anybody know how important it is to the exam? And does anyone have this same experience with Surgent?

    Chloe Bos
    Alexandria VA
    United States