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Surgent Exam Review

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    Posted 12 days ago
    Has anyone used the Surgent Exam Review? How does it rank against Gleim and Wiley?

    Thank you,

    P. White

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    Posted 11 days ago
    I'm currently using it. Its way too summarized when compared to hock, gleim and Wiley. Ideal for people with strong accounting and finance background. Their adaptive technology scores your level of knowledge and readiness level giving a readiness score percentage as you attempt question from their question bank. I'm using their basic package without video lectures though.

    Oarabile Chaba CIA
    BH Botswana

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    Posted 11 days ago
    HI! I'm using it for Part 1 right now and I'm not sure I love it.  I've found a few typos in the book and in their question bank, and their help desk is not responding.  For example, in an example problem in the book they had an equation state 100-50 = 60.  They also have error messages in the book that weren't corrected ("Error! Bookmark not defined."). And finally, there have been a few practice problems where the answer is discussing information not in the question (like they matched the answer to the wrong question).

    This might be a pretty common thing, these books and test banks are updated frequently and there are thousands of questions.  I'm sure other courses have similar issues.  However, to not get any response or reply from their Help Desk is really frustrating.  I contacted my local rep who I purchased the software from and he provided and confirmed the email I'm using, so.... yeah. It's annoying I'm not getting anything back.

    In other ways though, there are some pros: Their Dashboard is pretty user friendly.  The lectures are broken down into small, easily digestible chunks.  You don't have to clear 2 hours off your schedule, there are short 5, 10, 15 minute lectures. (That said, there were a few topic covered by very short lectures.... where I wished there was something longer and more detailed.)  You get physical and electronic text books, and some OK flashcards.  If they're still running it, there are also good discounts.  When I signed up I got a code to get a discount on the exam registration.  Overall there are a lot of questions and essay problems in the test bank and most have really detailed answers.

    I can't say that Wiley or Gliem are better or worse, but I certainly wish I had done more research (I wish I had done what you're doing by posting!).  I also haven't taken an exam yet, so take any judgement from me with a grain of salt.  I've seen some other recent posts (if you scroll back maybe 2 weeks) discussing Wiley, and it seemed the reviews were pretty good (also by people who had taken tests).  I would look for those to get more info.  I think Wiley is the IMA's like "trusted partner" or something, so worth looking into that one.

    Good luck!