Personalized Marketing: 4 Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd

By Terry Reyes posted 06-12-2019 11:25 PM


Setting your company aside from your competitors is easier said than done. However, it is essential if you want to ensure its longevity. Too many great companies have become lost in the crowd and gone belly-up.

One of the most vital aspects of a successful business is marketing to:

  • Retain the business of existing customers
  • Generate new customers for the business

Even the most exceptional organizations can be jeopardized by inefficient marketing. The best way to stand out from a crowd is to personalize how your company is marketed.

  1. Your logo and slogan

Your brand is what makes your company different from others. It is crucial that you have a distinctive logo for your organization. People have visual memories, so it’s easy for their brains to associate a logo with a brand. Your logo will trigger a customer’s memory. While it needs to be unique, a logo should also be simple. Effective use of colors and a clean image make a good logo.

A company’s slogan also creates a footprint in people’s memories. Keep it creative, short, and punchy. If it’s too long, it won’t stick in people’s minds. Many companies slogans use a play on words to make them memorable. A slogan that is a call to action resonates with people. Unique music and lyrics in videos or audio files also make an impression on customers.

  1. Customize your stationery

Businesspeople deal with suppliers and customers. While so much work is done online these days, the personal touch is still necessary. A company letterhead and personalized stationery reinforce a sense of professionalism and commitment to a business relationship.

The most popular type of stationery that organizations use for marketing is presentation folders. Many businesses do their own company folders then use them for delivering paperwork such as quotes, transactions, agreements, and formal documents. Even couriered documents should be placed in your custom folder in order to easily identify them.

Order and distribute unique gifts at the end of the year. Suppliers’ sites have thousands of promotional products to suit any business and its budget. Customize your choices with company details to keep your organization’s name at the forefront of recipients’ memories.

  1. Share your story

More than ever, people are interested in the story behind a brand. A genuine backstory about how the company started and how it got where it is today resonates with them.

Part of your company website should be an ‘about us’ page. This page allows you to share your journey with visitors to the site. An inspirational tale gives people confidence in a brand.

Any corporate and social responsibility programs should be included on the page. It shows the organization’s commitment to the upliftment of the less advantaged and conservation of the environment.

  1. Online presence

Your online presence is essential for success. It’s not only about a good website. There are multiple social media platforms to utilize in making your company name known to others.  You can aim your advertising at a specific demographic that you have identified as your target market.

Don’t rely on the internet to sell your product for you. Marketing is still required. Well-prepared content will get potential customers interested. A good deal and prompt customer service convert visits to sales. Monitor the feedback you get from customers as it will highlight areas that need improvement.

All your customer data should remain a focus. You can collect information from the people who visit your site. Even if they don’t buy something right away, a weekly newsletter might convince them to buy a product later. Whenever you collect data, assure your customers that you will keep it private.