CMA Candidacy



11-02-2020 09:48 AM

Be sure to also show on your resume when you are scheduled to take the exams.  If you've already passed one of the exams, make sure to note that.  Also, I think it's good to show if you've met the educational and experience requirements.

Here's how I'm showing this on my resume (feel free to use and modify for your situation):

Candidate - Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
- Passed Part I in August 2020
- Took Part 2 in October 2020 - expect results in December
- Completed all work experience and educational requirements

10-28-2020 10:35 AM

Hi Sharon,

Before, I used to put in "CMA Candidate" on the summary of my resume and a simply line that mentions I am currently pursuing CMA certification. I believe you can also interchange "Candidate" to "Aspirant" or "Student", whichever you think is more appropriate.

Mary Mitzel

By Sharon Thomas posted 10-23-2020 03:49 PM

Can anyone tell me how I should that I am a CMA Candidate on my resume and what all should I enter?  I couldn't find anything on the internet.