Get Your Boss to Consider Your Business Ideas Seriously


By Mark Metzler posted 05-18-2021 12:18 AM


As a subordinate or team member, you may have faced situations where even upon presenting fresh and new ideas, your boss did not give it a second thought or did not take it seriously. 


If you are keen on getting a go-ahead to your business idea in the next meeting, it is important to understand the factors that help you get on the right track. Implementing the below ideas are sure to help your boss see you as someone full of powerful ideas.


Go in with a proper plan 


An idea is just a thought and unless its implementation, it will hold little value. The next time you present an idea, prepare a strong plan for successful execution. This preparation will help you go in with confidence and convince your boss that you’ve put plentiful time and effort into the idea. 


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Analyze the risks 


A major factor that most tend to forget is pondering upon the risks attached to an idea. Analyze the possible risks and inhibitions that may restrict the chances of your idea taken seriously. To understand this with an example, if you pitch an idea that might need a bigger team, is your organization in a willing position to hire more talent? If not, then even a great idea might not fly or get your boss’s attention.


Weigh in all risks and go ahead with a plan that you believe is immune to these work risks. This also sometimes brings invaluable alternatives that help reduce risk and bring the idea to life in the workplace. 


Be confident 


A winning factor during an idea pitching is to own the idea, and that comes with confidence. A great idea, when presented with a nervous voice or fumbling hands, can take away attention from what you are saying and bring it towards your body language. 


You have spent time nurturing your idea, making a plan for execution and all of that will really come to light when you show confidence. The first step to having an idea approved is by taking it seriously and with conviction to the boardroom. This confidence instills a feeling that you are capable of handling not just the idea but also the execution. You never know if this could be the stepping-stone to your career. 


Know how to defend the idea


Your boss or teammates will weigh the pros and cons, and in the process, ask you questions about its relevance, need, or importance. Be prepared to defend your idea and do it in the right manner. 


You should always have strong reasoning and explanation backed to each question. Do not go in prepared that your idea will definitely fly. It will when you are prepared in a way that nothing could really knock your ideas down. 


Lay emphasis on the end results 


A major push comes when you have an end result highlighted or outlined with your idea. This is what will drive your boss to implement it and spend time in its execution. One thing to keep in mind is to, of course, highlight the strengths of your idea. Along with that, do not conceal or ignore the possible weaknesses. 


Address the possible downsides of the idea and think of ways you could eradicate or reduce them with time. Spare some time and use visual aids like graphs, images, and presentations to showcase the ideas and the end result. 

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