Insurance for Contractors


By Mark Metzler posted 01-30-2021 05:18 PM


So, you’re a contractor. You’re a builder, fixer, or installer, and you deal with a lot of risks and challenges on your job. You will need to make sure that your insurance protects you. Insurance for a contractor is a broad category.

Specialized Insurance

Whether you are a general contractor or a subcontractor, you will need to be covered. What kinds of insurance you need will depend on the person and the business. So, let’s look into what types of coverage there is to get.

Commercial General Liability

This is a policy that almost every business needs, no matter the industry or the field. This policy is to protect you and your business from claims of bodily injury and property damage. It will help cover the medical bills and any other expenses that may result from the claims.

Commercial Property

This is another important policy for a business to have. Commercial Property insurance covers the physical property of your business and is good if you’re renting, leasing, or outright own a physical location. This coverage helps protect you if there is damage from fire, hail, theft, lightning, smoke, or vandalism.

Commercial Auto Insurance

This is like having a personal policy except that it is for any vehicle used for business.

Surety Bonds

This is something that may be required by law to protect the client. Common examples are Contract Bonds and Licence Bonds.

Mobile Property

This coverage protects property that doesn’t have a set home or taken to a job site daily.

Why Is All This Insurance Needed?

As a contractor trying to run a business and ultimately make a profit, you question why you spend money on so many insurance policies.

In a perfect world, everything would work out just as it should. There would be no injuries, no accidents, no property damage, and no thefts. Without any of this happening, you wouldn’t have to pay out any extra money.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Injuries and accidents happen, and without insurance, all expenses come out of your pocket and your profits.

You are running a business, and that you want to be trusted. You want to be able to say that your company is an accident and injury-free workplace.

And you would hate to have to deal with any property damage.

So, taking all of this into account, insurance is an upfront cost that can save you money in the long run. Insurance helps cover the cost of medical expenses, auto repair, and property damage. This will help you save money and make more profit.


So, in conclusion, buying the various insurances for your contractor business is a good way to protect yourself, your employees, and your clients. When searching for insurance, click to visit BrokerLink and get a quote on your insurance cost today.