Personalizing The Products Boost Your Brand Image


By Mark Metzler posted 01-18-2021 02:18 AM


Brand image is important. After all, it’s how your customers perceive your company, your products, services and culture. Within the brand’s logo is a complete wrap-up of what the company is all about. Product personalization can boost a company’s image as it is all about delivering a product that customers want. 

Meet all specifications to please customers

Companies who address their customers as if they were a good friend can expect more loyalty from them. But how do you even start? 

This is where product specification software comes in and as a specification management company using cloud technology, the vision of Specright is to improve the way specs are shared and audited and to ensure customer efficiencies. They do this by providing Intelligent Specification Management Platforms that are constantly available and from any device. 

Every company wants to know how to reduce costs and reduce returns because of incorrect specs and Specright’s analytics enable quick analysis of data to ensure their FMCG customers and others are always at the receiving end of the best services and products.

Consistency instills loyalty

Brands that appreciate their customers want to do more for them. They instill in them a sense of loyalty. This is because the customers love what is done for them and they want to show their allegiance to the company. 

They form a friendship with such a company. If a brand wants to enjoy customer loyalty, they need to be consistent with what they stand for on their website, logo, emails, social media, images, blogs, and videos. All messages portrayed need to carry the same tone. 

Consistent messaging like this will add balance and strength to the brand. In difficult times, customers don’t want to look for something new. They want to rely on the steadfastness of something they know and trust. 

Know what to personalize 

Personalizing products isn’t about suddenly everything being customized. A surplus of anything cheapens it. Your customer base has different wants and they’re all different so you don’t want to create a product that is only attractive to so many people. If you try to appeal to everyone, you could end up not appealing to anyone.

The main benefit of product personalization is the ability to reach certain audiences but then it requires collecting user data and doing surveys so that you can target certain audiences based on their interests or their buying habits. Take time to also figure out what precisely to personalize. 

Yes, many businesses know that to personalize products can be effective for leading towards more sales, but most of them don’t know how to personalize products and what all to personalize to make it effective.

Staff testimonials

If on your website, you feature a product of yours that you claim everyone loves, ensure the claim actually comes from a real person. 

If you just state that it’s a popular product, no one will necessarily believe it, but if you get yourself or one of your staff to provide a write-up of how they used it and loved it, your customers will want to give it a try as well.

A person who they know, such as a celebrity or a business owner like yourself and who advocates a product is far more meaningful to customers than reading unattributed text. 

What is interesting is that a huge percentage of people trust recommendations from friends and other individuals over a company. A recommendation of a tweet from a person in the company or a celebrity from their favorite soapie will go far further than a recommendation from the company.