Equipment You Can Count on When Working Remotely

By Mark Metzler posted 08-02-2020 03:12 PM


Together, COVID-19 and the Internet has opened up a world of work opportunities to work from home, whether full-time or with a flexible schedule. 


The number of people working from home has surged and with good reason. While the coronavirus rages on, a person can be safer, more comfortable and less irritable at home. However, there are still some essentials to ensure your remote office doesn't do the opposite – make you agitated and frustrated.


Remote offices need to be professionally rigged out


To conduct business in a professional manner, your home office needs all the right furniture and equipment to do a thorough job. True, space is always a factor, and this is where modular furniture becomes a great option. 


The furniture is specifically aimed at work-from-home people. However, there is a huge range of designs to suit every taste. Your home office can become a trendy but professional space and with high-speed internet connections, fax and printer, you're all set to continue working professionally and efficiently from home.


You don't want to use your bed as a make-do desk and chair. Rather make sure you have a 

clutter-free, cable-free space with a desk and chair to ensure you can work properly.


Stifling heat drains your potential


Some countries such as Qatar and Kuwait have such high temperatures in the summer, that it becomes debilitating to work. With inside temperatures soaring to 40°C, you wouldn't be able to clutch your pen, cellphone or mouse with your sweaty hands. 


Drained and dizzy, your work would come to a standstill. There's no need to suffer through such heat if you get refurbished PTAC units here at PTAC inc. They offer high quality new and refurbished PTAC air conditioners and heat pumps. A refurbished unit costs a lot less and they also provide professional PTAC installation, set-up and start-up.


Their trained professionals also like to test-run each unit and they can also wire and install remote thermostats. Working from home is all about getting comfortable so that your work isn't seasonal but is ongoing. 


Tools of the trade

When you're working remotely from home, some tech tools are most useful for ensuring you feel connected and supported while separated from your regular team. A free must-have favorite is Teamviewer. It's such a handy tool when you're in a pickle with your computer. You need your IT-geek to fix things so you can continue working, and this tool offers extraordinary remote support capabilities.


Zoom, too, is perfect for big team meetings for remote workers. Simply log in to Zoom with a Zoom user account to create an immersive experience for a team of office workers. Slack is another communication app for teams working remotely as it has many features that allow teams to be effective and organized while working from far away places. 


 Don't Compromise on Comfort 


Even with a home office, you should still never compromise on quality and comfort. You don't want your home-space to fill you with apprehension every time you enter it. You can't afford to have aching and stressed muscles and a headache. You'll face additional health issues apart from the coronavirus concerns you have, if your furniture doesn't enhance comfort.


Incorporating ergonomics will ensure your productivity and comfort. A swivel chair with wheels will enable you to scoot around your space with ease. You can pivot round to face any direction without strain on your back. 


Don't just be content with a mediocre office because you are working from home. Invest in good quality business furniture to ensure you can give of your best.

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