How To Market Your Accounting Services To Other Businesses

By Mark Metzler posted 02-20-2020 05:15 PM


When you run an accounting business, you should market your company to other businesses in the area. You can use marketing tips to create a presence for your company online or in your local area. Each of the options listed below will make marketing easier. Also, you should consider how to combine marketing tactics to make your business as visible as possible.

Create A Social Media

Your company should have a social media marketing plan. You can sign up for every social media platform that is available. When you sign up for these accounts, you can post anything you want to each platform. Social media can be used to post information about your business, or you could post pictures from your office.

You could write articles for social media sites, or you could post videos that explain what you do. Additionally, you can use social media to start contests or promotions that will bring in more customers.

Establish Yourself As An Expert In A Certain Field

You can establish yourself as an expert in certain industries. You could work with companies that need your services the most, or you could market yourself to small businesses in the area. You can write content that shows your customers you know what is best for their companies.

Market The Local Region Where You Work

You should market your services to the local region where you live. You can tag your posts and articles with the cities, towns, streets, and landmarks that are close to you. The companies in your area that are searching for an accountant will search for the name of their city when they need help. If you have established your company as an expert in the area, you will get more local customers.

Use Digital Ads

When you use digital ads for your business, you can target all the people in your local area. These ads can be used to target people who have a location that is close to yours. You could target people who search for the terms that you have chosen. This is a good way for you to find more customers without doing the work yourself. You can set up your ads, and the ads will target potential clients on their own.

Create A Toll-Free Number


You could use an 800 number to market your business because it is easy for your customers to remember. A phone number that is easy to repeat and remember will help people call you when they need help. Also, you should have a look a what can be done to ensure that your phone number is easy to manage. The number should go to a system that allows your customers to press a button, get service, or reach the receptionist.


When you want to invest in marketing for your business, you should use the tips above to create a layered approach. Each of these options will change the way people find your business. You can target small businesses that are in your area. You can work with certain industries, and you can use digital ads. Plus, you should use social media to find people who are passively scrolling. This is a good way to target industries, locations, and anyone who needs an expert.