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09-13-2015 08:30 PM

Great posting! We need to look at the fundamental requirements of data governance in security of our data assets, as accountants are charged with that duty, considering that safekeeping of company assets is in our purview. A lot of the financial well-being and success of a firm rides firmly on the back of its data, so data security in whatever environment is our responsibility too (not exclusively, however).

Tech Talk Blog - Data Governance and the Cloud

By Glenn Murphy posted 09-13-2015 04:53 PM


As applications and services hosted in the cloud propagate, those organizations that migrate will need fewer internal technology staff but more “tech-savvy” accountants.  Fewer IT support staff requires accountants to understand and manage the key aspects of protecting organizational data and delivering state-of-the-art information to management.  Management accountants are best suited to fill this need.  

Key points related to data governance that management accountants should prepare themselves for specifically related to migrating to the cloud are:

Key Considerations: Ensuring the cloud application access controls are robust; determining who can access data and on which device; ensuring the cloud application supports your organizational data management standards.

Key Risks:  Inadequate security administration tools; limits to managing access; insufficient data standards.

A great resource to get help you start preparing yourself is, “Data Governance – Beyond the Abstract” IMA Inside Talk Webinar (Archived Webinars 2015 on LinkUp IMA).

 What can you add to the discussion?  What have you found as resources to share to help our colleagues prepare themselves for data governance considerations when considering or implementing cloud technologies?

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