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TechTalk Blog – How Accounting is Evolving in the Cloud & New Trends

By David Colgren posted 10-27-2015 10:09 AM



TechTalk Blog – How Accounting is Evolving in the Cloud & Trends


Great article in PC Magazine with CEO of AccountantsWorld about how accounting is moving into the cloud – especially in the SME marketplace. Cloud accounting is helping both accountants and businesses grow more productive.


Hot areas of cloud accounting include accounts receivable, bookkeeping, inventory, reporting and payroll.


For example, AccountantsWorld is now processing 30,000 company payrolls annually with its software and were the first to create a cloud-based payroll processing center for accountants to assist their SME clients.


The next hot areas moving into the cloud include:


Business Process Management – the complete backed-end services to assist clients.


Accounting & payroll mobile apps – where accountants can assist their clients  or their own firms anywhere in the world  


Alerts based on certain metrics – if a client reaches a limit on accounts receivable – they get a mobile app alert.


To read the full article on cloud trends for accountants please go to this LINK.


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