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Tech Topics at the IMA 2015 Annual Conference - A guide

By Christopher Mishler posted 06-01-2015 01:29 PM


Accounting and finance technology changes quickly, and an excellent forum for learning about the latest and greatest is also approaching quickly – the IMA 2015 Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE) in Los Angeles, June 20-24 (if you haven’t registered yet – be sure to do so now at  Our Tech Committee has done extensive research into the latest trends and strove to include as many of them as possible in the conference program. I wish I could attend all of the sessions myself. Some of our committee members will be speaking, including Brad Monterio, Liv Watson, Eric Matyac, Kris Brands and David Colgren, plus a few of us will regale attendees of the Management Accounting Roundtables (formerly "Brown Bag Lunch" sessions).

The table below summarizes the multitude of technology related sessions for conference attendees to immerse themselves in the latest developments. Topics like big data, advanced analytics, integrated reporting, XBRL, and cloud are covered, and so much more.  Several sessions are presented by members of the IMA Technology Solutions & Practices (TS&P) Committee because we feel the ACE is a prime venue to feature technology topics for IMA members and raise their awareness. What better way for you to both learn about these topics, earn CPE credits and network with your international peers!  I and a lot of our committee members hope to see you there. These are exciting times!



ACE Session #

ACE Session Name


* = IMA TS&P Committee Member

Short Description

Saturday, 6/20


Turning the Tables on Excel

Debby Bloom-Hill (Mitchell Cmty College)

Since we still have Excel, get the most out of it with data and pivot tables.

Sunday, 6/21


Modernize Finance and Escape from Excel Hell


Lafayette (Host Analytics)

Automate budgeting & forecasting with cloud-based streamlining.

Sunday, 6/21


Enhanced Analytics - Benchmarking Made Easy with XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language)

*Ariel Markelevich (Suffolk University)

Analyze and improve your company's performance by enhancing your peer benchmarking. XBRL has made data accessible and easy to use more than ever before.

Sunday, 6/21


The Impact of Integrated Reporting on Management Accountants

*Kristine Brands (Regis U.), *David Colgren (Colcomgroup), Bob Laux (Microsoft)

Developments in Integrated Reporting (<IR>), an emerging performance reporting trend that focuses on broadening traditional financial reporting to include environment, social, and governance performance reporting. (More emerging than Tech, but our Committee is really into <IR> and you need to know the impact.)

Monday, 6/22


The Cyber Security Ecosystem - Where Do I Fit?

MarcusSachs (North American Electric Reliability Corporation)

Showing which techniques are successful in countering what seems to be an endless stream of cyber incidents.

Monday, 6/22


Management Accounting Roundtables (formerly Brown Bag) Lunch:


Multiple TS&P members

Monday, 6/22


Analytics and Big Data – What Tools Do You Use?

Rosemary Amato (Deloitte Innovation)

Monday, 6/22


Maximizing Control and Visibility Through Automation

Peter Carrell

Monday, 6/22


Corporate Disclosure 3.0: The Rise of Integrated Reporting

*Brad Monterio (Colcomgroup)

Monday, 6/22


Best Apps for Business

Deborah C. Michalowski

Monday, 6/22


New Computer Implementations - Tips and Traps

Scott Johnson

Monday, 6/22


The Advantages of Best-In-Class Financial Management in the Cloud

Mark Severance

Monday, 6/22


Big Data and Excel PowerPivot

*Chris Mishler (Experis)

Monday, 6/22


XBRL for Management Accountants

*David Colgren (Colcomgroup)

Monday, 6/22


Is Data Science the New Statistics?

Thomas Miller (Northwestern Univ.)

The emerging field of data science, otherwise known as predictive analytics. Current developments in the field, leading database and analytics software systems, and directions for the future.

Monday, 6/22


Moving Beyond Budgeting: Integrated Financial Planning IS Integral to CFO's Role

Paul Barber (Prophix Software)

Using CPM to drive insightful analysis and expanded participation from their entire organization.How are they doing it and what benefits are they seeing?

Monday, 6/22


Big Data and Advanced Visualization - Big Data the BIG Buzz Word

Rosemary Amato (Deloitte Innovation)

Learn about advanced data visualization techniques and solutions that can be used with Big Data. A case study using QLIK will be presented to show how to recognize risks within Big Data.

Monday, 6/22


Business Intelligence with Microsoft Excel

Bill Jelen (

Excel 2010/2013 Power Query to automate data cleansing, Power Pivot to mash up millions of rows, Power View for interactive dashboards, Power Map for geographic analysis, and more new features.

Monday, 6/22


Best Practices in Gaining Full Control over the Financial Close and Reconciliation Management Process

Bob Davenport (Blackline)

Reconciliation and closing automation software – Efficiency!

Monday, 6/22


Focus on Monitoring - How Data Analytics Can Enhance Internal Controls

Jennifer Thompson

(Wipfli LLP)

Consider the benefits data analytics can bring to the organization, especially as an enhancement to monitoring controls.

Tuesday, 6/23


Data Visualization: How to Mine Through Mess and Put Data to Use!

Erich Heneke

(Mayo Clinic)

Learn how to take mined data and present it differently to executives, who may prefer to be given more meaningful reports instead of spreadsheets.

Tuesday, 6/23


The Value of Social Media in Finance & Accounting

Jodi Chavez

(Accounting Principals)

Accounting and finance leaders are utilizing social media like never before. How are they using it, and what role should it play in your career and in your company?

Tuesday, 6/23


Building Trust in Integrated Reporting: Applying the COSO Framework And Understanding Key Related Issues

*Brad Monterio (Colcomgroup), *Liv Watson (Workiva)

Integrated reporting in the context of the updated COSO Framework and identifying related key issues around enterprise risk management, assurance and audit quality.

Tuesday, 6/23


A Wake-Up Call? Fight Back Against Cybercrime

Ricky Link

(Coalfire Systems)

Discussion of cyber risk management and review the disclosure law already in effect. Also covered in this topic is the development of in depth cybercrime defense and preparation of short- and long-term action plans.

Tuesday, 6/23


Understanding the Cloud for Accounting

George Thomas

(First Data)

Learn how to assess whether your business is on the cloud and how to understand the related risks and opportunities.

Wednesday, 6/24


Review and Apply Top Technology Trends in Accounting and Finance

*Eric Matyac (Experis Finance)

Review survey results of technologies impacting A&F teams as well as how some organizations are planning for and adopting new technologies. Explore methodologies for adoption of new technology.

Wednesday, 6/24


Darwinian Business - The Evolution of Big Data and Analytics - Concepts for Management Accountants

John Lucker,

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Examples and case studies of current key industry trends in the evolution of analytics, important areas to focus on, new insights in business analytics, and key lessons learned.


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