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Welcome to the new IMA Technology Community on LinkUp IMA!

By Brad Monterio posted 02-17-2015 08:34 AM


Greetings from the IMA Technology Solutions & Practices (TS&P) Committee and welcome to your new online Technology Community at the IMA!

The IMA TS&P Committee is proud to support and sponsor this community as a platform for sharing information, ideas and insights within and across our membership and beyond. 

Technology plays a central role in the day-to-day life of accountants and finance professionals.  So much so that we felt it was important to create an online community at the IMA that provides you a centralized forum for seeking answers or guidance about technology related challenges, share advice amongst each other, talk about technology and much more. 

This community is built for you and we encourage you to use it frequently. Our committee members are but contributors and participants in the ‘multilogue’ – the communication we hope that will take place across multiple members and perspectives – a simple two-way ‘dialogue’ somehow seems inadequate to reflect to breadth of our discussions across multiple participants.

Today the TS&P Committee is pulling back the curtain and opening the doors on this new community - but it will only be a success if you contribute! Included in the content will be this new "TechTalk" blog tackling different technology related topics for our members, as well as discussion threads and a library of relevant documents and materials.  If you can’t visit us daily, be sure to subscribe to alerts for new blogs and discussion threads so you don't miss out on the action.  The TS&P Committee is also developing additional resources for you, including research, SMAs, white papers, webinars, conference sessions, CPE and more, so check back with us in the community often for the latest developments.

We will strive to use the TechTalk blog as a catalyst to stimulate some of the discussions between you, the members of this community. We expect and want passionate engagement and thought provoking comments.  We welcome diversity of thought and opinion. That’s one of the benefits of having a global membership!

Although we have a working group dedicated to being a forward listening post for emerging and leading edge technologies, we recognize many of you are on the front lines of technology as well. Please share your insights with your tech community here.  We can’t wait!

Chris Mishler, Chair, IMA TS&P Committee

Brad Monterio, Vice Chair, IMA TS&P Committee

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